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Virtual reallity for children with cancer


In Spain around 1,400 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed each year, this disease is the second leading cause of death in childhood after accidents and the first due to illness.

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Fundación Caíco


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Fundación Caíco works to improve the conditions surrounding a child with cancer. To this end, the entity has initiated a new project at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid, which consists of providing onco-hematology and hematopoietic transplant patients with augmented reality glasses during their treatments.

The goal is that even if the patient is physically in the hospital, through the glasses he can "travel" and "escape" to achieve a state of well-being and relaxation that helps reduce his anxiety. With them, it is possible to alleviate, brighten and make the endless hours spent by children and adolescents cancer patients more bearable.

The content viewed is designed for children and adolescents with children's animation shorts, reports on nature, sports, trips for the elderly, a catalog of interactive and educational mini-games; and approved by the hospital's onco-hematology department.

The patients who have worn the glasses have managed to reduce their fears or phobias of the treatments, as well as the pain during the marrow puncture, also the psychosomatic symptoms such as nausea or dizziness disappear.


  • Support patients during their treatments with augmented virtual reality glasses.
  • Maintain the glasses.
  • Expand the content offered.

Wer wird begünstigt?

50 patients aged 5 to 18 who receive cancer treatments at the Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid.


Relieve, brighten and make the hours spent by children and adolescents suffering from cancer in the hospital more bearable.

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