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The flow of people trying to escape the war does not cease and the road is an odyssey fraught with difficulties. Children, elderlies and people with physical or mental disabilities are the groups that suffer even more the consequences of exile.

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CEAR, MPDL y Olvidados


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Five years of armed confrontation have killed 250.000 people and have supposed the destruction of Syria. The brutal and unrelenting violence has torn the country and undermined the hope for the future for the young people. This conflict, which runs now in its sixth year, is the largest and most complex humanitarian crisis in the world, and it has no end in sight yet.

More than four million people, many of them children, have chosen to flee the country. But their problems do not end there because, to escape the horror, they must face the odyssey of a journey through the Mediterranean sea first, and then continue with an immigration drama throughout Europe.


Collaborate with various organizations such as CEAR, OLVIDADOS and MOVIMIENTO POR LA PAZ to alleviate the difficulties that refugees face on their way,

Wer wird begünstigt?

The funds raised will be divided equally between three NGOs operating in three key points along the way that refugees face in their journey to Spain. These NGOs are:

  • Movimiento por la Paz will raise funds for the maintenance of a mobile clinic that serves people with physical, psychological and educational disabilities in Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Organización Olvidados will raise funds to buy delivering resources to distribute food and basic products between to the different camps of Epiros, Greece.
  • CEAR (Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid) will raise funds to renovate two rooms in the refugee reception center in Getafe (Spain), for training and learning activities.


This project is a fundraising initiative that will be focused on three specific kinds of aid related to the stops that Syrian refugees face to reach Spain (Origin in Syria, Intermediate in Greece and destination in Madrid). Each of the "stops" will be a collaboration with a different social organization, dispersing the aid geographically attending the specific needs of each stop.

The solidary challenge insists on the most vulnerable people: children, people who cannot meet their basic needs, and people with disabilities and special educational needs.

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