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Bolivia has one of the highest child mortality rate in Latin America, with a child mortality rate of 42 deaths per 1,000 live births. 

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    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 10.473

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Médicos del Mundo


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Bolivia has one of the highest percentages of maternal and infant mortality in Latin America. In rural areas, more than half of new-borns take place at home, where there are four times more probabilities to die from complications of pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum.

One of the problems is that indigenous women and men have a conception completely different from the Western one when it comes to childbirth. To overcome the resistance to having their children out of their homes and with the aim of reducing maternal and infant mortality, Médicos del Mundo has adapted hospitals with rooms equipped according to indigenous traditions where medical personnel and midwives work together. In addition, if there is a complication during the birth or it is necessary to perform a cesarean, women are treated in biomedical rooms or operating rooms.

Thanks to these intercultural births, infant mortality has decreased in the last three years. With this project you will help reduce maternal and infant mortality.


Hospital wards will be adapted to serve indigenous women:

  • Delivery Room Equipment with Cultural Adaptation
  • Biomedical Delivery Room Equipment
  • Application and systematization of satisfaction surveys for users of delivery rooms
  • Floor covering of 4 delivery rooms
  • Traditional Medicine Office Equipment
  • Nursery Equipment Traditional Medicine Laboratory
  • Workshops for health personnel and midwives

Who will benefit?

With your contribution, over 500 women we will be assisted during the birththat will help to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia

Project objectives

Reduce maternal and infant mortality in Bolivia, a country where 42 children die for every thousand births, and 25% of those who survive suffer from chronic malnutrition.


Médicos del Mundo fully complies with the 9 Principles of Transparency and Good Practices analyzed by the Lealtad Foundation

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