Holistic care for women with breast cancer


Every 15 seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the world. 

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Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer


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According to studies carried out with oncological patients, it is observed that approximately 30% show a certain degree of psychological affectation that requires professional treatment. The reactions of anxiety, depression, fear of rejection, insecurity, alterations in body image and the consequent deterioration of self-esteem pose an important barrier in the personal autonomy of many patients. This is also the case of patients suffering from breast cancer, the second cancer with the highest number of diagnoses.

Breast cancer is the most common among Western women. It is estimated that in 2018, 32,825 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed, which means a large number of patients and relatives affected by the disease. These figures represent an increase of 30% compared to the number of diagnoses in 2012.

The association AECC supports cancer patients and their families through professionals in psychology and social work, as well as with financial aid, apartments and residences and / or loan of orthoprosthetic material, among others.


Offer psychological attention to patients with breast cancer and their relatives.

Who will benefit?

55 patients with breast cancer and their relatives will receive psychological attention from professionals.

Project objectives

Improve self-esteem and alleviate the anxiety and depression suffered by patients diagnosed with breast cancer, helping them cope and overcome the disease.


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