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Breast Cancer Deadline 2020

United States

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the United States.

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The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund


  • Funding 1.412€
  • Total 1.412€


Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® - Designed around three goals:

  • research needed to end breast cancer;
  • global access to the necessary information and lifesaving interventions; and
  • the influence of leaders everywhere in the strategies to end breast cancer.

Research: The Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® campaign will capitalize on the investments made by our nation and others around the world that have resulted in the knowledge, tools and technologies needed to end breast cancer. The goal is to take what is known and build upon it for the sole purpose of ending the disease. Plans for leveraging existing resources include: Seed grants for research. Within the Artemis Project® , NBCC has begun awarding seed grants to allow scientists to accelerate progress in each of the key areas identified in the collaborative research plans. Seed funding allows researchers to apply for the majority of the grants from existing resources such as government, private foundations, and corporations. Public policy approach. Policy has been developed to support leveraging existing resources. To this end, the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act has been reintroduced in the US Senate and House of Representatives. Comparable policies will be forwarded as the need is identified.

Access: Breast cancer is a disease without borders. NBCC brings together stakeholders from around the world at all levels, from policy makers to grassroots advocates, and engages them throughout the process to make certain that location, economic status, and societal factors are not barriers to access. Once we find the answers to ending breast cancer, we must make certain that everyone, everywhere, has access to them. Through Global Leadership committees to partnerships with advocates around the globe and strategies to influence international health care policies, NBCC helps all expand access.

Influence: All those diagnosed with breast cancer, those at risk, and all who care about them, must join a revolutionary activist movement with the goal of knowing how to end breast cancer. NBCC conducts training and education programs for the lay advocate to give them the tools and knowledge needed to collaborate with scientists, be involved in the health care system and change public policy. NBCC facilitates deadline action networks across the country and provides ongoing technical assistance and materials to promote Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® outreach and engagement.


  • Create synergies between scientific community and all stakeholders, and develop partnerships to advance the pace of the right research needed to end breast cancer.
  • Leverage existing financial resources to harness the knowledge and expeience of years of research to catalyze innovation. 
  • Develop a global strategy to ensure that individuals with, and at risk of, breast cancer have access to information, quality care and scientific advances. 
  • Mobilize the breast cancer advocacy community and conduct training and education programs to give them the tools and knowledge needed to collaborate with scientists, be involved in the health care system and change public policy.

Project objectives

1) Primary Prevention: stopping women from getting breast cancer

2) Preventing Metastasis (the spread of cancer): stopping deaths from breast cancer

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Amount raised thanks to Repsol Employees commitment: € 1,411.66

Fundación Repsol donates € 5,000

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