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Children's poverty


Spain is ranked number 7 of 41 in child poverty growth between 2008 and 2012. Today, 1 every 4 children live situations of vulnerability, because many families struggle to meet their basic needs.

  • Donors
  • Total raised
    • clients 3.500€
  • Direct beneficiaries 10

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 35

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Obra Social


  • Materials 2.000€
  • Others 1.500€
  • Total 3.500€


The program against children’s poverty leaded by La Obra Social "la Caixa" has the support of more than 30 social organizations which, in turn, coordinate more than 300 organizations working in network around Spain.

Those social organizations are responsible for the family care: they assesse the unique situation of each family and recommends a plan for facing their challenges. They provide information, referrals, and counselling to enhance family stability, and give some services to ensure the basic needs.

"La Caixa" allocated 50 million euros annually to ensure continued long-term care of the more than 220,000 children.


Give children and family support and promote social and educational development of children in poverty from a perspective of comprehensive care. The services provided are:

  • Basic needs:
    • Food and health early childhood products
    • School equipment
    • Glasses and hearing aids
  • Support services for families:
    • Educational Support
    • Psychosocial care
    • School and summer activities
    • Family workshops

Who will benefit?

With 3500€ will be provided a daily breakfast and a weekly educative session for ten kids during 6 months. 

Project objectives

Break the cycle of poverty by teaching those vulnerable children how to use the tools of education to take control of their own lives. 

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