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Clown visits to hospitalized children

Madrid - Spain

A good mood is very important for the recovery of patients who are hospitalized.

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    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

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Saniclown. Clowns para la sanidad.


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Hospital stays can be traumatic for children. To de-dramatize the situation, Saniclown generates a magical atmosphere in their hospital rooms through performances by hospital clowns, professionalized artists and specially trained for it.

Clowns offer patients, their families and the professionals who attend them a moment of joy and good humour. A space is created that expresses the emotions which were usually felt before the disease with the respect and permission by the patients and families to carry out their work.

The mission is to fill space with smiles and generate magical and beautiful moments through the hospital clowns. They constitute the part of evasion that we all need, and especially the small ones that are hospitalized, thus contributing to hospitalized people living the therapeutic process with the best possible mood.


  • Accompaniment of children hospitalized in Infanta Leonor Hospital in the areas of paediatric hospitalization, in the rooms and the playroom space. The interventions are carried out by several teams of professionals integrated by clowns and a therapeutic coordinator.

Who will benefit?

The children hospitalized in the Hospital Infanta Leonor will be able to receive visits from the hospital clowns of Saniclown, which will create a space of joy and good humor and will allow the children to mentally escape from their stay in the hospital.

Project objectives

  • Provide play space for patients, family members and health personnel that allows them to release tension during the hospital stay.
  • Reduce the emotional impact of treatments on patients and their families.
  • Offer patients a way to channel their impulses and emotions through humour.
  • Give patients moments of relaxation that contribute to the improvement of their psychological well-being.
  • Establish support and recognition links between health personnel and patients.

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