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Comprehensive care for homeless people

A Coruña - Spain

The Padre Rubinos Integrated Social Care Center has the mission of helping the people served to achieve sufficient personal autonomy to achieve socio-labor insertion through socio-educational intervention and their presence in psychosocial support spaces.

Funded thanks to:
  • Donors
  • Total raised
    • Eroski clients 2.546€
  • Direct beneficiaries 255

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 600

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Real Institución Benéfica Padre Rubinos


  • Staff 2.545€
  • Total 2.545€


The social function of the Institution is carried out in the 5 centers that make up the Integrated Center for Social Attention, made up of the Social Center for Continuous Attention, the Social Dining Room, the Shelter, the Insertion Group, the Basic Reception Center and Inclusion (CABI) and the Textile Workshop for Socio-Labor Inclusion. The institution has 114 residential places and a daily service capacity for 250 people.

The center coordinates the performance of a total of 34 workers. A human team that attends to different areas: social, health, psychological, legal, textile, wardrobe services, laundry, kitchen, cleaning and security. This work is reinforced by the presence of 45 volunteers in the areas of wardrobe, soup kitchen, activities and accompaniments.


  • Assistance services: Accommodation, dining room, wardrobe and laundry, health care, basic care for families.
  • Socio-educational intervention: Associated with the residential services of Continuing Care, Shelter and Insertion Group and CABI, and supported by the attention of basic needs and psychosocial support spaces, the center developed their own intervention program, which consists of the following phases: Admission, reception, intervention proposal, monitoring, evaluation and development of the intervention.
  • Spaces and activities and psychosocial support: The participation and involvement of the user in the spaces serve as support for the rest of the intervention. The activities are programmed according to the needs and interests of the participating users, and are developed in the following areas: Health, sports, social skills, work orientation, sociocultural, leisure and free time, artistic, and participation.

Who will benefit?

Those people who have naturally benefited from the actions carried out in the campaign, who reside in the Padre Rubinos center and who receive a set of services, from assistance to personalized itineraries.

Project objectives

The general objectives of the intervention that the center carries out in the center with the users are the following:

  • Incorporate into processes of damage reduction, change and personal improvement people with unstructured life dynamics who spend the night on the street.
  • Promote personal self-care, providing the necessary means for proper hygiene and clothing.
  • Promote the beginning of a social intervention through accommodation.
  • Generate support networks to preserve personal autonomy.
  • Accompany processes, always seeking the highest degree of autonomy of the person.
  • To offer a place of belonging that gives them security, increases self-esteem and improves and stimulates personal relationships.
  • Initiate and accompany socio-educational processes through a personalized intervention plan promoting socio-occupational competence and the personal skills necessary for full socio-occupational integration.
  • Promote the recovery of the network of family and social relationships, where appropriate, or get a new social network.
  • Encourage training and job search

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