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Access to drinking water for displaced people in South Sudan

South Sudan, Republic of

More than 7.1 million South Sudanese depend on humanitarian aid to survive and face an unprecedented famine.

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    • PromoFarma clients 4.000€
  • Direct beneficiaries 773

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 1.000

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Asociación España con ACNUR


  • Materials 4.000€
  • Total 4.000€


More than a third of the 12 million citizens of South Sudan are displaced, and more than half of the population is affected by the crisis in the country. Since the conflict began in 2013, waves of violence, massacres of the civilian population and wars have been constant. Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda are the main escape routes for those who have managed to cross the borders. However, more than half of those displaced by the conflict in South Sudan have sought safety in other areas of the country less affected by the violence, becoming internally displaced.

Currently, there are almost 2 million internally displaced persons, 85% of whom are women and children in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The political and security situation in the country remains unstable and armed conflicts persist, as well as assassinations, kidnappings, rapes and a general state of anarchy. UNHCR is assisting people who are in a situation of vulnerability due to the ongoing emergency and responding to basic needs.

Currently, the liters of water available daily per person are between 14 and 18, with the standard per person per day of 20 liters. The host communities observe that the water supply in the fields is better than their own, which creates tensions and makes it necessary to provide more support to the host communities. There is also a shortage of tools for the construction of latrines, drainage is deficient and soap is scarce.


  • Maintain the water supply by at least 15 liters per person per day.
  • Expand the water supply network, rehabilitating at least 50% of the existing water points and protecting 70% of the water supply facilities.
  • Provide water storage in homes, drill wells, build supports for faucets, hand pumps and generators, install high pressure steel tanks.
  • Provide chlorine for water disinfection in homes and thus help reduce waterborne diseases.

Who will benefit?

With € 3,700, 773 refugees will benefit from drinking water systems for one year.

Project objectives

Ensure that the South Sudanese displaced have access to potable water through the expansion and protection of the water supply network.


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