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Chilean Patagonia is characterised by its rich biodiversity, and is home to a huge number of ecosystems and a vast array of endemic plant and animal species. The glaciers, mountains, rivers, lakes, fjords, islands and forests of Patagonia are natural heritage for the entire world.

Funded thanks to:
  • Donors
  • Total raised
    • Nicequest clients 8.059€
  • Direct beneficiaries 3.000

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

Fundación Reforestemos


  • Materials 6.000€
  • Staff 2.000€
  • Total 8.000€


Reforest Patagonia strives to be a leader in recognizing and recovering the environmental value of Chile’s ecosystems. They promote cultural change in relation to caring for the environment, recovering Chilean native forests and raising awareness about the importance of healthy, strong forests. Their mission is to reforest degraded ecosystems in Patagonia and aid the recovery of areas of high environmental value while at the same time raising awareness about the importance of these places.

Native forests contribute to the development of wildlife, providing key ecosystem services such as the control of soil erosion, purification of air and water, ecological barriers against wind and natural disasters, among others

Reforest Patagonia with CONAF (National Forestry Corporation) select together the reforestation areas in the parks and national reserves. In the same way, they define the native species to be planted and the type of protection to be used according to the area where they are found and the natural threats they may face.


  • Selection of the areas to be reforested
  • Property cleaning
  • Development of forestry project and implementation methodology.
  • Native reforestation
  • Installation of individual protectors on trees
  • Maintenance and monitoring of new species during their first 5 years of life.

Who will benefit?

It is expected to reforest 2,000 new native trees.

That would benefit the native fauna of Patagonia because it would have its natural habitat in the future. Also, the local community and the planet, thanks to the global oxygen provided by the trees.

Project objectives

Reforest degraded ecosystems in Patagonia and aid the recovery of areas of high environmental value

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