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Formal education of quality for young people


Many students can not continue with their formal education for economic reasons and many of those who start drop out due to lack of personal support.

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    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

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    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Fundació Impulsa


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In Spain, 32% of young people are excluded from the state scholarship system, between 40% -50% fail in the medium-level formal education cycles and 32% do not have a high school diploma.

Many students can not continue with their formal education for economic reasons and many of those who start drop out due to lack of personal support. Impulsa wants to give them the opportunity to achieve it, preventing their economic and social situation from being a barrier. They assist the young people transversally through the foundation's scholarships by providing new professional opportunities to which they could not have had access.

Each Impulsa student, during the duration of the scholarship, counts with the assistance of a mentor, with whom he/she meets periodically. The network of mentors acts as support for young people by transferring them a transversal vision regarding professional orientation based on attitudes and commitment, beyond training in skills and technique.

With more than 100 successful cases, Impulsa has achieved that 95% of the scholarship students finish their studies. Sixty-two percent of them continue their studies at a higher level than at the end of Vocational Training. And 71% of young people get a job when they finish their studies.



  • Provide a monthly financial aid to students to follow Vocational Training itineraries.
  • Provide them with a laptop.
  • Carry out four annual training sessions complementary to their training, with special focus on the work of cross-cutting skills such as self-knowledge or self-esteem.
  • Guarantee students the support of a mentor on a monthly basis.
  • Participate in social volunteer activities to return the accompaniment provided to their environment.

Who will benefit?

With € 1,500, a young person, who does not have the necessary financial resources or who can not invest them in their education, will have the opportunity to train throughout an academic year, having also covered the transport and material costs

Project objectives

  • Facilitate the accessibility of young people with economic and social barriers to Vocational Training as a way to access better education and better job placement opportunities.
  • Provide young people with an economic support and a computer, as well as complementary mentoring to accompany them in a transversal way in their training.

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