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Keep children healthy after the covid19 crisis

ITALIA - Spain

The social crisis derived from the health emergency caused by COVID-19 is having its greatest impact on the most vulnerable families. During this period of confinement, the inequalities from which the boys and girls in a situation or risk of social exclusion and poverty were already started have been enlarged and evidenced. Without the proper measures, this health crisis is bound to turn into a social crisis of enormous severity.

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    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

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Save the Children


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Coronavius, the biggest global health, social and economic crisis of our lifetime and has worsened the vulnerability of the more than 5,500 families served by Save the Children in Italy and Spain.

Save the Children created a special program to provide comprehensive support to the needs of families and their children who are now experiencing an extremely serious situation. Resources are provided for access to basic food and basic necessities, as well as school reinforcement and individualized psychosocial support in a telematic way to alleviate the effects of isolation, uncertainty and stress.

In the current situation, there is a risk that the educational and social gap will widen even further. To address these inequalities and leave no one behind, children are also provided with technological equipment and internet connection. This allows us to maintain a continuous intervention that ensures the educational support that these minors need.


  • Provide cash transfers and food vouchers to vulnerable families to enable them to keep their children safe and healthy.
  • Distribute hygiene materials to help children and their families protect themselves from coronavirus
  • Provide educational and psychosocial support

Who will benefit?

More than 5,500 families in Spain and Italy in situations of poverty and risk of social exclusion, with a high percentage of them being single mothers with dependent children, as well as workers whose income is not enough to get out of poverty .

Project objectives

Guarantee the well-being and health of children most affected by this crisis, in Spain and Italy, through the provision of sanitary materials for the most vulnerable children and nutritional reinforcement.

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