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Improvement of literacy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kinshasa - Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, less than 40% of children between 6 and 11 attend classes.

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    • Drinks&Co clients 2.991€
  • Direct beneficiaries 650

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 900

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Fundación InteRed


  • Staff 3.000€
  • Total 3.000€


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the third poorest country in the world, life expectancy does not reach 50 years and infant mortality stands at 19%. Primary education is not free, with costs almost as high as per capita income, so that less than 40% of children between 6 and 11 attend classes.

The problem of access to education is aggravated by the great distances that students must travel in many cases to go to school. In addition, the living and working conditions of the teachers are very complicated and the school infrastructures are insufficient to meet the minimum school needs. In such a situation it is difficult for the faculty to guarantee adequate training for students, causing a qualitative decline in education.

All this contributes to the educational conditions in the country being totally unfavorable. InteRed Foundation considers education as the most powerful tool for social change and the key to achieve gender equity, social justice and environmental sustainability, and therefore contributes to the educational and social improvement of children, youth and adults in three neighborhoods of the city of Kinshasa: Selembao, Bumbu and Kitambo. To achieve this improvement, they collaborate with the Karibuni Library project to improve literacy through reading activities, together with other activities.


  • Improvement of the literacy of children and young people through activities to encourage reading.
  • Teacher training for a qualitative improvement of education.

Who will benefit?

650 children and young people of Kinshasa will be able to improve their education by participating in the activities organized in the Karibuni Library.

Project objectives

Achieve an educational and social improvement in the city of Kinshasa.


Fundación InteRed fully complies with the 9 Principles of Transparency and Good Practices analyzed by the Lealtad Foundation

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