"Kiciclos" at hospitals


Playing brings great benefits in children who are hospitalized during long periods.

Funded thanks to:
  • Donors
  • Total raised
    • SantaFixie clients 1.678€
  • Direct beneficiaries 60

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 120

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Fundación Juegaterapia


  • Materials 2.000€
  • Total 2.000€


The hospital experience often generates anxiety and anguish in children, since they are away from home, away from their own and in an unknown environment. Juegaterapia was born in 2010 with the mission to brighten the lives of hospitalized children. They work so that every day all children with cancer just think about doing what any other child: play!

For this reason, they have created the "kiciclos", tricycles with a built-in carrier so that the little ones can run around the hospital while they receive their chemotherapy sessions. The children will be able to carry out dizzying careers with their friends at the hospital while receiving the treatment.


  • Acquisition of "kiciclos" for hospitals.

Who will benefit?

Children at hospitals will be able to reduce the anguish that comes with receiving chemo-therapy sessions through play. Through the "kiciclos", they will receive chemo while running around the hospital with these funny tricycles.

Project objectives

Generate an atmosphere that helps hospitalized children to "escape" from the hospital.

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