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With your help, we could provide a scholarship for a student coming from a impoverished country to study our master's program.

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Instituto Interuniversitario de Desarrollo Social y Paz


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 The International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), promotes specific education in theories about peace, conflict, development, humanitarian aid, peace cultures, democracy, human rights, communication by peaceful means, gender and postcolonial studies. It also stresses peaceful conflict prevention and transformation.

We have had more than 1.000 students coming from more than 110 countries. Most of our students come from developing countries and around 40% of all the students we have had, received a scholarship for their studies at our program. Due to the general economic crisis in Spain, the funding of public and private organizations that used to provide scholarships, has been canceled for this year.

For the first time in 19 years, we can not offer any scholarship for students from impoverished countries, which is a pity because the main reason of our program is to give tools to the students so they can become agents of change in their communities of origin.

The length of our program is of two years, and has 120 credits in total.
With an estimated cost of 42 Euros per credit (the official amount for the course 2013-2014 is forthcoming in the Official Journal of Valencia), the total price of our program for 2 academic years is around 5040 Euros.



  •  A two years education program in peace and development for a student from a developping country. 
  • Integration and cultural exchanges between the student and the university environment.

Who will benefit?

One student coming from a developing country would be the direct beneficiary of the project. If we raise enough money, we would launch an open call for applications having into account academic requirements, based on our experience with previous calls.

In fact we would have a lot of indirect beneficiaries, because the final aim of our program is to generate agents of peace and development in their countries of origin.




Project objectives

  • Offer at least one scholarship for one student coming from a developing country to study in our program so we want to raise the money needed to pay the tuition. 
  • Allow the student to become agent of change in their country, and an advocate for peace and development worldwide.

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