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Improve the situation of vulnerability of the elderly


The social crisis caused by COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation of isolation and vulnerability of many older people. With your help, Grandes Amigos will be able to help promote the autonomy and social inclusion of these people through its “Older people in Company” project.

Funded thanks to:
  • Donors
  • Total raised
    • Repsol - Covid19 clients 2.720€
  • Direct beneficiaries 32

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 55

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Grandes Amigos


  • Staff 2.720€
  • Total 2.720€


The number of elderly people living alone in the state territory has broken a record and for the first time in history exceeds the barrier of 2 million, reaching 2,009,100. Although living alone does not have to be related with feeling lonely, this circumstance can be a risk to well-being and health when combined with other factors such as: mobility difficulties, physical frailty, chronic health problems, residing in slums or with architectural barriers, low pensions and absence of affective ties and neighborhood or family support networks. This situation has worsened in recent months with the COVID-19 crisis, increasing the number of people affected by unwanted loneliness and isolation. The  “Seniors in Company” project of Grandes Amigos promotes the autonomy and social inclusion of older people in situations of isolation and vulnerability, offering them emotional support through volunteers from their immediate environment. 

Older people who participate in Grandes Amigos enjoy the accompaniment of their volunteer work and cultural activities or socialization in the open air, in addition to having punctual and telephone accompaniments.


The “Older people in Company” project of Grandes Amigos in 2019 accompanied 953 older people directly and another 2,382 people benefited indirectly from the programs developed. Adinkide volunteers visit older people who are living and / or feeling lonely once a week. During the time they share, they usually perform daily tasks such as going for a walk, chatting or going for a drink. The specific actions included within the project are:

  • As a result of the health crisis of COVID-19, a telephone support service has been launched during the lockdown and will continue after the pandemic for all those older people who need it, also for those who live in different places to those of the headquarters of our entity.
  • Weekly accompaniment is offered to participating seniors. Volunteers visit them a minimum of 2 hours a week, both in homes and residences, respecting the security protocols of the centers and the safe distance in the meetings.
  • Activities are organized in small groups and with the maximum safety and hygiene measures, in snacks, excursions, walks in the open air, etc., so that, in addition to emotional support, older people can expand their friendships.
  • Through the accompaniment of volunteers, it is facilitated that elderly people in a situation of loneliness can carry out procedures of different kinds outside their home, such as going to medical appointments or administrative procedures.
  • In addition, Grandes Amigos provides access to electronic devices and training for older people at risk of economic vulnerability so that they can communicate.

Who will benefit?

The average age of the beneficiaries participating in Grandes Amigos is 84 years, and the majority are women.

  • They mostly live alone at home and often have chronic health problems.
  • 57% of the elderly people cared for by Grandes Amigos live alone at home, 5% live with their partner and the rest do so in a residence (29%) or with relatives (8%) and others (1%).
  • Regarding mobility, 82% have an unsafe gait or cannot walk compared to 18% who are autonomous.
  • They all have different degrees of emotional and socialization needs in the absence of trusted people around them.

Project objectives

Promotion of autonomy and social inclusion of older people in situations of isolation and vulnerability, offering them emotional support through volunteers from their immediate environment.

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