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Protect vulnerable children during COVID-19


As the top global provider of school meals, WFP is working with governments and partners to ensure children continue receiving the critical food and nutritional support they need during the pandemic.

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COVID-19 is taking a terrible toll on the world’s most vulnerable people, including children. With schools closed in many countries, more than 12 million kids are no longer receiving school meals from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) – a lifeline upon which so many depend – and that number is continuing to rise. The majority of children served by WFP live in countries plagued by extreme poverty and armed conflict, and whose health systems are weak or almost non-existent. For these children, a school meal is often their only regular, nutritious meal of the day. Without school meals, these children are at risk of becoming severely malnourished, which also means they’ll be less capable of fighting off illnesses and disease. For some vulnerable families, the value of a meal in school is equivalent to about 10 percent of a household’s monthly income. For families with several children in school, that can mean substantial savings. The loss of the school meal means a loss of income.

In the words of WFP School Feeding Director, Carmen Burbano, “We can shift to online learning, but not online eating.” And that’s why we urgently need your support. 

WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies, building prosperity and supporting a sustainable future for people recovering from conflict, natural disasters and the impact of climate change. As the top, non-governmental provider and global authority on school meals, WFP is leading the way with governments and partners to urgently find solutions to ensure children continue receiving the critical food and nutritional support they so desperately need during the pandemic.

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In countries where schools are closed, WFP is pursuing possible alternatives, such as take-home rations in lieu of the meals, home delivery of food and provision of cash or vouchers, which would allow families to purchase food locally. In countries where schools are still open, in addition to providing meals, WFP is also focused on hygiene, food safety, and social distancing, in order to reduce the risk of infection and spread.

Who will benefit?

With your help, WFP will be able to provide essential food to the world’s most vulnerable children, who are missing meals while schools are closed due to COVID-19.​

Project objectives

Provide alternative solutions to get nutritional support to school children while they are out of school during the COVID-19 crisis.

Updates & Links

Learn more about this urgent crisis and WFP’s response here. ​

​As the number of children affected rises every day, WFP launched a digital map that shows data on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on school feeding worldwide, including how many children are affected in each country.​

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