Biodiversity conservation


Spain is home to the largest extension of steppe habitats in the European Union.

Iberian steppes are home to the world's largest population of birds like the Great Bustard, home to more than 90% of the Sandgrouses of the European Union, apart from hundreds of unique species of plants and insects. 

The steppes are being destroyed at a rate higher than any other Iberian ecosystem, as a result of agricultural intensification and the construction of solar and wind farms. It causes a catastrophic decline of numerous species of fauna and flora, and the release of tons of CO2 into the environment.

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Fundación Global Nature


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Fundación Global Nature develops in Castilla-La Mancha a strategy for the conservation and profitability of this model of sustainable agriculture, with traditional rainfed cereal crops. To this end, it maintains a land stewardship network, signing agreements with more than 300 farmers on 16,000 hectares. Many actions are implemented together with farmers, such as the recovery of fallow lands, rotations with legumes, a differentiated commercialization of organic legumes, support for sheep and goat shepherds, the recovery of hedges and boundaries, the purchase of pastures of high natural value or the compensation to farmers for the damages caused by the presence of cranes.


Many actions are implemented together with farmers, shepherds and hunters, such as 

  • the recovery of fallow lands
  • rotations with legumes and adifferentiated commercialization of organic legumes
  • compensation of damages caused by cranes to farmers
  • the recovery of hedges and boundaries
  • the construction of water ponds together with farmers and hunters

Who will benefit?

By helping to restore this unique eco-system, farmers will become landscape stewards, learnig how to implementation sustainable farming techniques and improve the health of our planet. 

Project objectives

Protect steppe birds and their habitats, reduce the release of CO2  and increase biodiveristy by conserving the steppes of Castilla-La Mancha together with 300 farmers. 

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