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Reduction of abandonments through awareness

Barcelona - Spain

Every year more than 150,000 animals are abandoned in Spain, an average of seventeen every hour.

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The main cause of animal abandonment in Spain is the lack of birth control. Most animals are not spayed and there are still many people who think that spaying is harmful to animals or who believe that it does not bring them any benefit.

Most people who cross their dogs or cats have good intentions and good expectations for all puppies, but unfortunately it is very difficult to get adopters for all the puppies and to make sure that people are responsible for them throughout their lives.

The decision to sterilize an animal is an act of responsibility towards it, it's basic to prevent and avoid health and general welfare (emotional, physical and hormonal) problems. It is the best option to guarantee birth control of dogs, cats and ferrets and avoid unwanted births and young without control. Sterilizing animal companions is contributing to their well-being and reducing abandonment.

Through sterilization, the slaughter and abandonment of thousands of dogs, cats and ferrets each year can be avoided. For this reason, FAADA has created the "I am responsible" Identification and Sterilization Campaign, because they believe that prevention policies are the best tool to avoid the problem of overpopulation.


Raise awareness of the importance and benefits of sterilization through the Identification and Sterilization Campaign "I am responsible".

Who will benefit?

Dogs, cats and ferrets will see their health and general well-being problems reduced and greater birth control will be achieved, avoiding unwanted births and thus reducing the number of abandonments.

Project objectives

Avoid the slaughter and abandonment of thousands of dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits every year in Spain and contribute to their well-being.

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