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Retiro Park invade Hospital Niño Jesús


It’s about bringing a part of that life being enjoyed out there, at the park, to the hospital. A fantasy world in which plants, animals, the architecture, all those things that happen on a daily bases in the Retiro park are replicated or represented at the hospital. A scalable project, as large or as small as we wish it to be.

Funded thanks to:
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    • Sanchez Romero clients 3.100€
  • Direct beneficiaries 2

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

Fundación Juegaterapia


  • Materials 3.100€
  • Total 3.100€


The Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid is housed in a building dating back to 1877.

One of the things that strikes the most about this hospital is its location. It is right in front of the Retiro Park. The Retiro Park is one of the city’s main leisure venues, a place where the locals go to enjoy the green surroundings, to practice different sports or to enjoy cultural or social activities.

The idea for the project is born from this contrast between two venues that are physically so close. On the one hand, the hospital where children spend so much time “confined”, and on the other, the park, open, inviting, a place of enjoyment.

For this reason, the project is intended to transform the look of the Hospital and give it a new look and fill it with light. The Hospital will be refurbished, its hallways and common areas to depict very recognizable landscapes mimicking the nearby Retiro Park. Children will be able to look at birds, trees and flowers with their eyes and their imagination. This is how will the “Retiro Park invade Hospital Niño Jesús”, and children will be able run and play among its trees, even if they haven’t been able to leave the hospital grounds for months.

The plan is to work on different spaces of the Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid, focusing particularly on those wings housing pediatric oncology, the main hallways and the outpatient section, where children receive treatment or go to consultations.


Bring the Retiro park inside the Hospital del Niño Jesús:

  • Providing a large mural that spans walls and ceilings to welcome visitors
  • Reproducing iconic elements of the Park in almost the entire Hospital

The funds will be used to reform the corridor of the 0 floor of the Niño Jesus hospital, within the framework of the project "The Retiro Park invades the Hospital "

Who will benefit?

children hospitalized in Niño Jesús in Madrid and their families.

Project objectives

  • Improve the condition of the hospital environment to help the children feel better.
  • Help the children overcome the possible rejection that they feel towards this space, by designing a place with which they can identify. A place they can remember through positive impacts.
  • Increase the sense of pride among the medical staff.

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