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Summer hosting for children from Ghana and Nigeria

Manresa - Spain

This project has as the main aim to make possible that children coming from orphanages and other institutions in Ghana and Nigeria can spend one summer with a Catalan family. 

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    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.



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  • Total 2.730€


This project is focused on three children: Belinda and Kobi, from Ghana, and Lydia from Nigeria. These three children, together with others, came in the last years to spend the summer with a Spanish hosting family. For different reasons, this year it is necessary to search funding for the expenditures through crowd-funding.

As The Hague Convention for Childhood says, the better environment for the development of children is a family. Unfortunately, not all the children can enjoy this possibility, especially in less-developed countries such as Nigeria and Ghana.


  • Hosting of a child from an impoverished country by a Spanish hosting family for a whole summer.
  • In other way, once the children come back to their countries, the NGO and the families take care of their development and school, and their health through financial support and scholarships.

Who will benefit?

The direct beneficiaries are three children: Lydia, Kobi and Belinda. 

Lydia Oyaide is 12 years old and she lives in Sought After Children and Woman Orphanage in Lagos (Nigeria). This orphanage is directed by the Sought After Women and Children Foundation, a NGO devoted to ministering to abused women and abandoned children in our society. Lydia will live with Abril, Montse and Pere Joan in Manresa and it will be her first stay in Catalonia.

Michael Twumasi, called Kobi, is 9 years old and he lives in Mampong Akwapim, near Accra (Ghana). It will be his third summer in Catalonia, this year Kobi will live with Lluís, Biel, Xevi and Laia, a family who lives in Manresa.

Finally, Belinda Zatey will celebrate her 13th birthday this July. She lives in the Ga-South district, close to Accra (Ghana). Belinda will repeat the summer stay for the 4th time and she will live with Niàber, Youssouf, Judith and David in Manresa.


Project objectives

  • The hosting family is enriched by the coexistence with the hosted child. Moreover, when this family has their own children, they benefit from the coexistence with a child coming from different cultural and social realities.
  • The hosted child enjoys, during one summer, of a family environment with other children.
  • The stay allows them to live in a healthy environment and receive medical care that in many cases lack at their homes.

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