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Women Survivors against gender violence


13% of Spanish women are mistreated and only 27% break the silence, with an unemployment rate of 22% according to Ministry and INE data. Which means that 100,000 women survivors of gender violence without education are at risk of social exclusion.

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    • Ticketmaster clients 5.854€
  • Direct beneficiaries 30

    Those people who have naturally benefited from the project's interventions.

  • Indirect beneficiaries 50

    Those identifiable people who will potentially recieve an effect from the project's activities.

Fundación Ana Bella


  • Staff 5.854€
  • Total 5.854€


In Spain, 2,150,000 women are mistreated by their partner throughout their lives and Ana Bella was one of them for eleven years, until one night she used her strength, her fear and her courage, not to sleep with the man who almost murdered her, but to take their four children, put them in the car and go to the police to report the situation.

But 80% of abused women do not ask for help. There are 1,500,000 invisible women who do not access resources because they do not report what is happening to them. Thinking about them, in 2006 Ana Bella created the Ana Bella Foundation, a network of surviving women who help victims break the silence and start a happy life. They help them in everything they need: accommodation in support homes, accompaniment to trials, financial aid, emotional support, job search...

The most effective way for women to overcome violence is to favor their labor insertion in socially valued jobs. For this reason, at the Ana Bella School, surviving women at risk of social exclusion complete a Personalized Empowerment Itinerary that consists of specific professional training in sales, personal training to enhance their skills as victorious women and a job opportunity trampoline of face to the public as Brand Ambassadors.


  • Hold professional training and personal empowerment workshops.
  • Follow up the worker to achieve a successful job placement.
  • Sensitize companies so that they offer job opportunities to surviving women.

Who will benefit?

Women survivors of gender violence will receive training to favor their labor insertion in socially valued jobs.

Project objectives

Offer training and job opportunities to women survivors of gender violence in unemployment in Spain.

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