Proyecto financiado

Ukraine Emergency


The people in Ukraine are facing unimaginable suffering. The violence is escalating, with devastating loss of life. 

Financiado gracias a:
  • Donantes
  • Total financiado
    • IBEI clientes 5.000€
  • Beneficiarios directos 82

    Aquellas personas que de forma natural han sido beneficiadas por las acciones desarrolladas en el proyecto.

  • Beneficiarios indirectos 250

    Aquellas personas identificables, que reciben un efecto potencial de las acciones desarrolladas en el proyecto.

Oxfam Intermon


  • Financiación 5.000€
  • Total 5.000€


The damage and destruction of civilian infrastructure in combat zones and those affected by air strikes and bombardments continue to deny the population access to water, food, health care and other basic services.

More than two million people have crossed Ukraine's borders since February 24, according to United Nations. The majority of people fleeing the country are women and children. The humanitarian needs of affected people, those fleeing the country and internally displaced people they are critical.

Primary care, essential drugs and medical supplies are urgently needed. People also needs access to food, as well as support with non-food items, such as household needs. The primary protection concern is to facilitate evacuation safety and dignity of vulnerable people, as well as people with disabilities, people elderly, women and children.


  • Provide people with essentials items like food, water and warm clothing.
  • Provide vulnerable families with hygiene equipment to keep themselves clean and safe from disease.
  • Support partner organisations who are already working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to help meet the needs of people who have already lost so much.


¿Quién se beneficiará?

With 5.000€ we can, for example, ensure food for 82 families.

Objetivos del proyecto

Help people fleeing conflict in Ukraine to find safety in neighbouring countries.


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