Alumni Scholarship

Barcelona - Spain

The IBEI as a community has decided to take action once again and help a student from an African university come to pursue a Master’s degree at IBEI.

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Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals

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  • 871€

IBEI is willing to offer an Alumni Scholarship aimed at financing a student from an African University to come to study at the IBEI. The exciting thing from this initiative is that the IBEI wants to offer this scholarship by donations from IBEI graduates. Members of all the IBEI community are also invited to make their contribution. As alumnus/alumnae, you are part of a community of already more than 700 members. This is a vital number of alumni, which may help to make this call happen.

The amount raised will cover the travel costs, the insurance and the tuition fee.

With 5,580 €, a student from an African University will be able to come to IBEI to study a Master’s degree offered at IBEI. The IBEI will add the same amount of the total raised; for each euro donated, the IBEI will also donate a euro.

  • To provide access to postgrad education in the area of international relations
  • To improve the educational level worldwide.
  • To reduce inequalities in graduate education

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