A home for abandoned dogs

Gijón - Spain

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Fundación Amigos del Perro

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The Friends of the Dog Foundation develops diverse activities, from the collection of abandoned animals, until the reintegration of the same ones in new families through the adoption.

Sometimes, when abandoned dogs are collected, they need a more specific environment than a cage, either because they are ill, are older, are a puppy, or need surgery after which they require monitoring and medication control. There are also animals that need socialization and education. In all these cases, the foster home of the Friends of the Dog Foundation is the solution.

Houses are also very important in cases where the dog is already booked but it will take some time until it is collected. In this period in the Casa de Acogida the dog is educated and socialized so that when he reaches his new family, the adaptation is easy and fast.

  • Offer feeding to an abandoned dog.
  • Provide the necessary veterinary care.
  • Educate and socialize it to favor its reception.

With 2.200 €, you can ensure the maintenance and veterinary care in the Foster Home to 1 abandoned dog for a year.

Offer a home to abandoned dogs.

To favor their future reception.

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