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Mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable children


During the Covid 19 emergency, boys and girls are at risk of altering childhood routines and habits. In addition, the coexistence for many hours of the day of all the family members in a reduced space, and often of sub-housing, can generate tensions, affecting their emotional state, generating apathy, uncertainty or depression in childhood and their families.

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Save the Children


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The current crisis of the Covid 19 virus has led the health authorities to suspend the different school and extracurricular activities in all the Autonomous Communities of Spain. Thousands of boys and girls will exercise their right to education through different virtual platforms and technological equipment that will allow them to keep in touch with their teachers and learn. The educational centers with the most resources have offered the students and their families the opportunity to continue training through new technologies.

However, this alternative is not feasible in the case of families with greater socio-economic vulnerability. The scarcity of economic resources, the lack of access to computer equipment and Internet connection, become key barriers in ensuring equitable access to education for the poorest children.

For this reason, Save the Children has prepared the “A tu lado” project, an initiative that aims to reduce the negative consequences of Convid 19 on the equitable education of the most vulnerable families. Through new technologies, Save the Children will support the 600 most vulnerable children and adolescents from its educational interventions. In addition, it will offer an accompaniment service to parents regarding psychotherapeutic support and parenting guidelines at a time that can pose a significant degree of stress for children.


  • Provide educational assistance classes of 4 hours per week through digital tools in order to guarantee the correct education of the most vulnerable children.
  • Follow up with families during the period in which the Covid 19 emergency continues. Social workers will have weekly individual meetings with families through new technologies, connecting digitally and by telephone.
  • Accompany families, offering guidelines, advice and improving parenting skills to promote the integral development of all its members.
  • Provide telephone assistance to families to make the first reception, the first collection of information, guide and redirect other services if necessary.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

Thanks to the “A tu lado” project 600 children from the most vulnerable families during the Covid 19 emergency will have their education guaranted. With your help, will be possible to accompany 20 children and their families.

Objectifs du projet

Guarantee the educational right and well-being of children, adolescents and their families, most vulnerable in the Covid 19 national emergency.

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