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Able to smile thanks to Giggle Doctors

Barcelona - Espagne

Through humor and fun, excellent results can be achieved in the health and education of children, more relevant if they present some type of diversity or are in a situation of vulnerability.

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Fundación Theodora


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  • Total 2.249€


Theodora Foundation carries out the "Able to smile" project with the mission of promoting the autonomy and development of children with intellectual and functional diversity based on sensory stimulation.

A child with functional diversity responds very differently to stimuli; can burst into laughter by a pleasant vibration on his arm or simply by the vibration of a musical instrument. Some unexpected things can make them laugh, like a cry, a cry, a sneeze, and so on. It is through the provocation of this laugh that Giggle Doctors acts by favoring their sensory and physical response, motivating the oxygenation of the cellular tissues and improving the immune system response.

The work of Giggle Doctors seeks to complement the professionals of the specialized institutions with which they collaborate, relying on the clown's own resources to enhance the sensorial development of children with functional diversity and facilitating it through the relaxed environment that laughter and humor propitiate.


  • Visits to children with functional intellectual disabilities, in which specific actions will be developed for each case.
  • Training on basic resources so that family members can promote the stimulation and development of minors.
  • Collaboration with professionals from specialized institutions, offering new resources to improve care for children.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With 3.000 €, Giggle Doctors will be able to visit 35 children with intellectual disability, thus enhancing their sensorial and physical development.

Objectifs du projet

To promote the sensorial and physical development of children with intellectual functional diversity.

To promote the autonomy of these minors

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