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Access to Healthcare in Isolated Areas of India

Amravati - Inde

The "Korkus", a tribe living in the isolated jungle, inhabit the north of the state of Maharashtra. They are a very poor population. Over 70% of "korkus" families live below the poverty threshold.

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The Korkus live in the jungles of the Melghat region in Maharashtra State, central India. Most "korkus" families live below the poverty threshold (more than 70%) with a high illiteracy rate (more than 60%) and their main livelihood, agriculture, is scarce. This is why malnutrition is prevalent mainly among women and children. Children are born with very low birthweight, a problem that will affect them throughout their lives, causing them deformities and underdevelopment.
The population lives isolated in the jungle. They lack public transportation and have to walk several kilometers to reach the road that leads to the markets or healthcare centers.
Manos Unidas operates in the area providing health coverage to 10 jungle villages from a small rural clinic. They organize healthcare camps and visits to the sick in remote villages. The main goal is to raise awareness, prevent diseases, and improve hygienic-sanitary practices among tribal korkus populations in the Melghat region, as well as to address key issues such as maternal and child healthcare and the serious problem of alcoholism in area.


  • Assist the sick in the center and in healthcare camps.
  • Provide training on hygiene, hygiene and maternity/children healthcare.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your help more than 2,000 people living in isolated areas of India will have access to healthcare.

Objectifs du projet

Make healthcare accessible to remote areas in the district of Amravati.


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