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Against food malnutrition in Chad


Severe acute malnutrition is defined by a very low weight for height by visible severe wasting, or by the presence of nutritional oedema (swelling). Decreasing child mortality and improving maternal health depend heavily on reducing malnutrition, which is responsible, directly or indirectly, for 35% of deaths among children under 5

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Asociación España con ACNUR


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2015 witnessed the number of people who have had to flee for their lives reach a staggering 60 million across the globe. As the conflicts and violence keep pushing people flee for safety, the needs of refugees and other displaced people who lost everything have been steadily growing too. The pressure on some of the hosting countries has increased enormously as the refugees are stuck in exile, for longer and in greater numbers, impacting on resources and goodwill alike. Part of this pressure on resources has been exacerbated by the global downturn with commodities as basic as food seeing huge hikes in price and costs soar.

In Chad, UNHCR/ACNUR is focus on mitigate and prevent food insecurity and malnutrition by proving refugees access to enough nutritional food. Estimations for 2016 indicate that 37.798 children refugees in Chad will sufer malnutrition.


  • Supporting the existing nutritional program for the prevention and treatment of moderate and severe acute malnutrition.
  • Training the authorities, partners, refugees and members of the host community on the detection and the referral of malnourished refugees to nutritional centres 
  • Providing beneficiaries with nutritional therapeutic products.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your help 720 kids under 6 months will receive during a month a therapeutic diet to combat severe malnutrition.

Objectifs du projet

Ensure food and vitamins for children under 5 and for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Asociación España con ACNUR se conforme pleinement aux 9 principes de transparence et aux bonnes pratiques analysés par la Fondation Lealtad.

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