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Back to school lunchroom program

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia - Espagne

Every year in September, Spanish children have returned to school. However, for many, this time around has been somewhat different. Because of the economic crisis, more than 2 million children are living in Spain below the poverty line.

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    • Clients 2.150€
  • Bénéficiaires directs 542

    Les personnes qui ont été naturellement bénéficiées par les actions développées dans le projet.

  • Bénéficiaires indirects 1.800

    Les personnes identifiables, qui reçoivent l’effet potentiel des actions menées dans le projet.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS


  • Autres 2.150€
  • Total 2.150€


In our day centers in different Spanish cities, we face with many families who are going through dramatic situations in which evictions, unemployment and lack of economic resources are becoming more frequent. In our prevention programs we do everything we can to help these families, orienting them so that they can find work. But increasingly, we see that families need help to meet their basic needs for food, clothing or school supplies.


This dramatic situation compels us to create new projects. In almost all our day centers we have already started social kitchens. And this school year, we launched a new lunchroom program, so children can eat at their respective schools, allowing it to maintain a more normal life possible.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With 5 € we can fund a lunchroom scholarship for one day. With the collaboration of LetsBonus users, we hope to fund one lunchroom scholarship for the 2014-2015 school year.

Objectifs du projet

In this first phase, we identified 542 children with a particularly urgent need. To provide them with school meals, we need your help.

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