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Social support for people with cancer at risk of social exclusion


In Spain, more than 270,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year. More than 26,000 of these new diagnoses fall each year on people at risk at work. In fact, almost 10,000 of these people are unemployed and more than half receive no benefits.

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Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer


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  • Frequently, the psychological impact of diagnosing the disease is seriously aggravated by the presence of social and economic problems derived or aggravated by it, affecting not only the patient, but also the entire family unit. We talk about:
  • Reduction of economic income due to possible changes in the workplace. Highlighting the problems of labor adjustment due to the loss of employment, inability to perform work that involves overexertion, temporary or permanent disabilities or even lack of income in the case of self-employed patients with Social Security debts.
  • Assumption of additional expenses derived from the disease: prostheses, transfers to treatment, medication, etc.
  • Physical problems: possible loss of basic abilities of the patients, temporarily or permanently, that directly influence the development of the basic activities of their daily life, affecting their quality of life, as well as the functioning and family structure.

The AECC provides them with help to meet their basic necessities derived from household bills, food, medication and products necessary to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment, from transfers to hospitals where they receive cancer treatment, in addition to allow them access to technical aids.


  • Provide emergency financial aid (expenses for habitual housing and supplies, food, pharmaceutical expenses to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment, transfers to receive treatments, etc.) and orthoprosthetic material (prostheses, wigs and loans of wheelchairs, articulated beds , anti-bedsores mattresses, crutches, walkers, etc.).
  • Provide support resources to patients and family members to help them, as far as possible, maintain their daily habits during treatment.
  • Provide the necessary tools to facilitate active job search.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

Patients and relatives in a situation of vulnerability with a diagnosis of cancer.

€ 5,000 may cover the expenses of the first necessity derived from the household bills of 25 cancer patients in vulnerable situations: so that they and their families do not have to choose between buying medicines or paying for electricity.

Objectifs du projet

Guarantee the coverage of basic needs of patients and relatives in active treatment and in a situation of vulnerability.


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