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Ameal for families at risk of exclusion


47% of families could not afford to feed their children enough meals per day.

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Aldeas Infantiles SOS


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Due to the economic and social situation that Spain is experiencing these last years, many families have been seriously harmed, negatively affecting all the members of these families, especially the children.

This Christmas, SOS Children's Villages will bring a smile not only to the children treated in its centers, but also to their families. Aldeas strengthen vulnerable families and provide them with the necessary resources so that they can properly take care of their children and that the family can remain united and children do not have to go to the protection system.

These families have limited financial resources, so a small detail makes Christmas very happy. For this reason, families will be given a Christmas basket with different products. When they receive them it makes them a huge illusion, since it is a pleasant surprise that the whole family can share together.


  • Provide a Christmas basket so that families at risk of exclusion can celebrate a Christmas meal with traditional products suitable for all families and religions

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your help, 120 families at risk of exclusion can have a Christmas meal thanks to a basket with traditional products provided by Aldeas.

Objectifs du projet

Ensure a Christmas meal for families at risk of exclusion

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Aldeas Infaltiles SOS (web in Spanish)

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