COVID 19 Emergency Response


World Vision launches global response to protect children from the impact of COVID-19 and support them and their communities through the crisis.

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Now is the time to stand with the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities. The scale and spread of coronavirus COVID-19 is worrying for us all. The world is in an unprecedented position. We are all rightly concerned for our families, friends and communities during this difficult time. World Vision sends thoughts and prayers to everyone in the UK as we face this challenge.

While children are not currently considered the most vulnerable to this virus, they’re vulnerable to the secondary effects that it creates; there’s extra strain on health facilities and when their caregivers get sick, children are left without proper care and protection.

With your help,  World Vision will continue to keep the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities safe. With weaker healthcare and communications systems, the impact on children living in some of the world’s toughest and most dangerous places will be devastating.

Thank you for joining with us during this pandemic to improve children’s wellbeing.

World Vision UK is a registered charity no: 285908


World Vision is urgently scaling up prevention measures in the vulnerable communities they serve around the world with:

  • Promoting ‘stay healthy’ messaging at public hand washing stations
  • Supporting local health centres to stop the spread of the virus 
  • Distributing essential hygiene kits and soap, sanitizer and masks where appropriate   

These preventative measures have always been an important part of World Vision’s work, because in places of extreme poverty improving health, water, sanitation and hygiene saves lives. Given the challenges that communities are facing and will continue to face over the coming months, these things are more vital now than ever before.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

As the outbreak has spread to other locations, World Vision has expanded our outreach to help communities protect children and their families and distributed hygiene kits to 88,325 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, distributed hand sanitizer and dispensers for 70 schools in several areas throughout Lebanon, held COVID-19 prevention sessions and screened for symptoms in the Laylan displacement camp in Iraq, distributed 50,000 family hygiene packs in China, distributed 450,000 masks, 28,000 bottles of disinfectant, 23,000 gloves, 1,800 pieces of protective clothing, 22,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 2,300 thermometers in 10 provinces of China, provided 200 sets of personal protective equipment, 25,000 masks, and 4,000 gloves to the Herat Department of Public Health in Afghanistan, provided medical supplies, including masks, gloves, disinfectant, surgical gowns, and hand sanitizer, to the Directorate of Health in Iraq, etc. 

Objectifs du projet

Protecting vulnerable children and preventing the spread of coronavirus

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