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Emergency relief in Colombia and Peru

Colombia - Pérou

Colombia and Peru have been affected by heavy rains that have caused numerous floods and landslides, affecting thousands of people between both countries.

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Peru has been experiencing a season of intense rains that have caused numerous floods and landslides. More than 140,000 people have either lost their homes or their homes are not habitable and to date more than 1,880 schools have been affected of which 489 have either collapsed or cannot be used, 225 bridges have collapsed and more than 3,290 km of roads have been destroyed and 27,828 hectares of crops have been destroyed. Many communities are isolated, without access to food and unprotected from further flooding or landslides.

In Southern Colombia, the three rivers: Mocoa, Mulato, Sanguyaco, surrounding the city of Mocoa in the department of Putumayo, overflowed causing mudslides and floods, leaving highways, bridges and homes flattened. To date more than 300 people have killed, hundreds of people have been injured and and at least 300 people have desapeared. In addition there are about 50,000 people affected with 28 affected neighborhoods, 5 of them totally destroyed.

Given the persistence of heavy rains, floods, high temperatures and collapsed water and sewage systems, acute diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory infections, food poisoning and skin infections are on the rise. In addition, stagnant water is increasing the presence of mosquitos and rodents, which leads to more cases of dengue fever, chikungunya fever, zika, cholera and leptospirosis. Plan International is on the terrain to provide basic needs and protect children.


  • Distribution of early childhood kits (baby food, diapers, wet wipes, baby powder, tote bag) for children under 6 months, and in combination with food until the child is 2 years old.
  • Distribution of emergency kits to ensure children's education.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your help, 353 emergency kits will be distributed to children affected by floods in Colombia and Peru.

Objectifs du projet

To provide emergency assistance to children affected by floods and landslides to ensure their basic needs and prevent diseases.


Plan International se conforme pleinement aux 9 principes de transparence et aux bonnes pratiques analysés par la Fondation Lealtad.

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