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Funding for the "Acompañamiento a domicilio" program

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Badalona - Espagne

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Fundació Amics de la Gent Gran


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Our "Acompañamiento a domicilio" program aims to provide emotional support to older people experiencing loneliness through weekly visits by volunteers. This activity allows the older person to maintain social relationships, enhance its dynamism out of isolation and alleviate loneliness.
Accompanying home offers emotional support and new relationship links the elderly, allowing them to break their solitude. And, in addition to relieving situations of loneliness, the emotional support received, allows the beneficiary to strengthen their personal resources, such as adaptability , ability to mingle with others, etc.
We need all kinds of help and sponsorship for this mission to build a society where the rights and the will to live of older people are respected.


  • The program provides a weekly visit from a volunteer at the home of an elderly person. Thus, over time, a caring and trust relationship between the volunteer and the senior grows.
  • Our commitment is that this emotional support is maintained until the death of the older person. Listening, bringing news from outside , reading, transmission joy of life, going for walks, retrieving old hobbies, among others, will be the home base of Accompaniment.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

The major beneficiary profile of our services is that of a woman of 83 years with a mild to medium level of dependency, living in a big city (Barcelona , Badalona , Madrid, Valencia).
The number of beneficiaries will depend on the amount raised. Currently Friends of the Elderly accompanies more than 1,100 people and aims by 2014 to reach more and more elderly people with the help of volunteers.

Objectifs du projet

  • The main objective is that most people regain self-esteem, personal and social development
  •  reduce its dependence on medical resources.
  • The intergenerational interactions will allow a greater social inclusion for the elderly. 

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