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Support for vulnerable groups against COVID19


COVID-19 is putting people from various social groups in vulnerable situations, which requires an intervention that can be carried out efficiently and effectively for relief to be provided as quickly, in the best way, and to the most amount of people as possible, without discrimination.

For every €5 000 donated we will benefit:

Financé grâce à:
  • Donateurs
  • Montant total financé
    • Sopra Steria Clients 3.000€
  • Bénéficiaires directs 142

    Les personnes qui ont été naturellement bénéficiées par les actions développées dans le projet.

  • Bénéficiaires indirects 400

    Les personnes identifiables, qui reçoivent l’effet potentiel des actions menées dans le projet.

Cruz Roja


  • Personnel 3.000€
  • Total 3.000€


From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the Red Cross was active in all the affected countries in the world, representing the largest mobilisation of resources, skills, and people in history to help the most vulnerable people.

This is why the Red Cross´ RESPONDE action plan was designed and plans to reach more than 1 350 000 people with an estimated budget of €11 000.000. The plan will include the participation of over 40 000 volunteers that will help respond to the crisis throughout Spain in the more than 1 400 help centres.

Almost one million people will be attended and supported on the phone, 25 000 families will receive essential products, 16 000 people will be given employment support, 3 000 homeless people will be given a place to sleep.


  • Support and telephone assistance
  • Distribution of essential products: food, medication, hygiene products, household cleaning.
  • Employment support.
  • Support for homeless people to give them a place to sleep.
  • Enabling temporary accommodation for homeless.
  • COVID-19 training for volunteers and staff on the use of personal protective equipment, disinfection of ambulances, etc.
  • Provision of basic sanitary material resources.
  • Construction of temporary hospital infrastructures.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

This plan will support vulnerable people in Spain.

Objectifs du projet

Responding to the needs of people in highly vulnerable situations for COVID-19.

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