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Housing solution for families in a vulnerable situation


In Chile, the number of people living in camps, without access to basic services, is increasing.

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The First National Camp Survey, conducted by the Center for Social Research (CIS) of TECHO-Chile, revealed a sustained increase in the number of people living in camps, being these camps their usual home. According to the study, there are currently 681 camps in Chile, where more than 34,195 families live. These people live in crowded spaces without regular access to basic services (sewerage, drinking water and electricity).

According to the survey, children and teenagers from 0 to 14 years, reach 33.4% of the total population in the camps, followed by young people, from 15 to 29 years old, who represent 27.9% of the population. Likewise, child poverty affects 59.1% of children, who do not have basic nutrition conditions, access to drinking water, electricity, education and an adequate level of sanitation.

76% of people living in camps do not have drinking water. Likewise, 91% of homes do not have a sewerage system, and 48% do not have formal access to electricity. The income in the camps is worrisome compared to the national levels, 61.5% earn less than the minimum wage.

TECHO Chile is developing a definitive housing solution in the commune of Maipú, from which people who currently live in camps can benefit. The families that participate in this project are in a situation of social vulnerability, 90% belong to the poorest 40% of society, according to the Social Household Registry.


  • Construction of a distraction area with sand or pasture, plants or trees that complement the place and installation of games in the square.
  • Provision of housing solutions for families in a vulnerable situation.
  • Weekly meeting with project leaders and monthly assembly with all participants.
  • Planning of actions to know the community as a whole.
  • Direct relationship with the municipality of Maipú and with other volunteer organizations that contribute to the development of social interventions in the community.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

28 families currently living in a situation of housing exclusion will have access to a definitive housing solution.

Objectifs du projet

Develop a definitive housing solution that allows to improve the quality of life of families, generates social security, reduces the risk factors associated with the situation of poverty and can strengthen the relationship with local networks.

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