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Support for vulnerable families


Inequality is advancing among the most exposed children and young people. Unfortunately, patterns of inequality are reproduced generation after generation. Minors living in families in poverty are more likely to suffer situations of exclusion and / or material deprivation once they become adults. We end up with the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

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The project offers support to children between 0-6 years and their families with socio-educational problems and who come from a disadvantaged socio-economic environment, with the collaboration of the team of volunteers, who provide personalized support. The purpose is to work from the personal, family, school and social spheres of children and their families, to be able to offer them instruments in order to prevent situations of social risk. These spaces carry out preventive, supportive and advisory work for families, making it easier for them to increase and improve their parenting and parenting skills and, in this way, optimize care and the relationship with their children. An accompaniment that enhances their own abilities and empowers them to deal with the different evolutionary stages of their children, being able to positively exercise their parental and parenting roles.


It offers personalized attention, adapted to the needs of each child, with the help of the technical team and volunteers, and a space for group work in order to work on relational aspects, social skills, attitude, of academic difficulties, promoting children towards their educational and social success. Working with the families of the children cared for is of vital importance in this project, involving them in their child's socio-educational process and giving them support at this stage. For this reason, meetings, workshops and interviews are held with families with the aim of providing them with the resources, skills and competencies necessary for the development of their children.


Accompany mothers and fathers to provide proper care for the needs of children, offering the necessary support and guidance to be covered, by:

  • Food reinforcement (Breakfasts and snacks)
  • Care and attention of children
  • Games and workshops space
  • Individualized and / or group educational reinforcement
  • Family activities
  • Activities with neighborhood services (ABS, CDIAP ...)
  • Group psychological care
  • Individual and / or family tutorials
  • Assembly

Qui en bénéficiera ?

Families with children in kindergarten and primary school with socio-educational needs who need support.

Objectifs du projet

Ensuring the well-being of the family, developing the parental skills necessary for the personal, social and emotional development of children.

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