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Mexico earthquake

Puebla - Espagne

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit central Mexico on Tuesday 19th, killing over 300 people and collapsing buildings and bridges in five states and in the capital.

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Another Earthquake rocks Mexico: as many as 200 people, mostly children, died after a school collapsed in Mexico City, 75 miles from the earthquake's epicenter. More than 2,000 public schools suffered damage in the quake.

UNICEF reacted promptly and sent a team of specialists to visit the areas worst affected by the earthquake. The team determined that it is a matter of priority for children and adolescents to receive psychosocial support and all the necessary help to return to school as soon as possible.


UNICEF is supporting earthquake recovery efforts for children in Mexico, focusing on distribuiting drinking water and temporary restrooms in the most affected localities, providing child-friendly spaces and helping get kids back to school.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

980 children will recieve drinking water

Objectifs du projet

To accommodate as soon as possible to the victims in shelters where they can rest safe before possible aftershocks and receive water and food.


UNICEF se conforme pleinement aux 9 principes de transparence et aux bonnes pratiques analysés par la Fondation Lealtad.

Fundacion Lealtad

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