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No elders alone at home


In Spain there are more than 8 million people over 65 years old, of which 20% live alone.

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Fundació Roure & Solidarios


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Many older people feel lonely and isolated. This prolonged loneliness has detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. For this reason, the NGOs Solidarios and Fundació Roure work to combat social exclusion and brighten the lives of people over 65 who feel lonely and isolated.

Solidarios makes visits to elders who ask to have someone with whom to spend some time a week, thus reinforcing their illusion, their self-esteem, their social skills and keeping them active. Fundació Roure, meanwhile, under the program "Living and Living" promotes the coexistence of a student with a person over 65 years getting an intergenerational assistance of at least one academic year, although it can be extended for longer.

Sharing and living together, the elderly recover healthy habits such as going for a walk, cultural activities and enjoying a good conversation.

Age discrimination is the third great form of discrimination after racism and sexism. There is a lack of economic and human resources to ensure the social coverage of our elders. Aid to dependents has been cut, which, added to the freezing of pensions and pharmaceutical co-payment, have deteriorated their quality of life.


  • Be with the elderly so that they don't feel lonely.
  • Go for a walk, perform cultural activities, enjoy a good conversation with older people.
  • Create an intergenerational space, where different life experiences are shared.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

Older people may receive visits at home, thus breaking their loneliness and recovering social relationships.

Objectifs du projet

  • Break the isolation and loneliness of the elderly, avoiding depression and cognitive disorders.
  • Recover healthy habits and social relationships.
  • Strengthen the illusion and self-esteem of the elderly, improving their mood.

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