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Nobody left outside


65 million people are out of their homes, 50% are children. Every minute, 24 people become displaced.

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    • Nicequest Clients 6.000€
  • Bénéficiaires directs 100

    Les personnes qui ont été naturellement bénéficiées par les actions développées dans le projet.

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    Les personnes identifiables, qui reçoivent l’effet potentiel des actions menées dans le projet.

Asociación España con ACNUR


  • Autres 6.000€
  • Total 6.000€


More than 65 million people have had to flee their homes to save their lives. It is a record data of human displacement. In a few years, the number of refugees has increased dramatically due to the crisis in Syria and the conflicts in South Sudan, Central African Republic, Burundi and Central America. 

For this reason, UNHCR has created "Nobody left outside", a worldwide campaign that seeks to shelter 2 million people who have been forced to flee their homes and who do not have a shelter. The campaign will be focused on: Greece, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Ukraine, Guatemala, Mexico, Tanzania, Chad, Rwanda, Kenya and Niger.

With your contribution, you can help to meet the needs of these millions of people, and to respond to this unprecedented crisis.


  • Evaluate needs of refugee families.
  • Distribute emergency shelters.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your help, 13 emergency shelters for homeless refugee families will be distributed in UNHCR camps, giving access to a home to 100 people.

Objectifs du projet

To offer a decent shelter to those families who have been forced to leave their homes due to war or other adverse circumstances, which wants to guarantee protection and personal security, reduce socio-economic vulnerability, shelter from extreme temperatures and minimize the risk of diseases.


Asociación España con ACNUR se conforme pleinement aux 9 principes de transparence et aux bonnes pratiques analysés par la Fondation Lealtad.

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