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Paediatric Care


Sudan is experiencing a serious economic crisis, with a sharp rise in the cost of basic necessities. The current situation, added to the difficulty in accessing essential medical products, the shortage of medical personnel and the lack of free of charge healthcare services, makes medical treatment inaccessible to a large part of the population.

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Living conditions in the camp are disastrous: lack of running water and terrible hygiene conditions, along with malnutrition, are the main causes of death among the youngest.

The Paediatric Centre in Mayo refugee camp is just a few kilometres from the capital Khartoum, and hosts an estimated 500,000 people. More than half of this population is made up by children younger than 14 years of age. 

EMERGENCY provides high-quality, free of charge medical assistance to patients under the age of 14. Moreover, EMERGENCY provides health promotion sessions in order to raise awareness among vulnerable people on hygiene standards and best practices, nutritional and dietary information. Within the centre, EMERGENCY also implements programmes of pre- and post-natal assistance, family planning and vaccination. The Centre consists of a Paediatric Outpatients Department (OPD), Patient Observation Ward with 6 Beds, Clinic for Midwifery and Gynaecology, Vaccination Room, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Reception and Health Education Area, Cookery Classroom, and Auxiliary and Technical Services. 


Provide medical assistance to patients under the age of 14, pre- and post-natal assistance for women, family planning and vaccination.

As part of EMERGENCY medical outreach programme also provides in the Mayo's neighborhoods:

  • Carry out screening for malnutrition in children and teach families basic hygiene rules to keep them safe from illness.
  • Organise sanitary and nutritional classes in Mayo’s schools.
  • Involving mothers in cooking classes and teaching them how to prepare healthy and nutritious food.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

The Mayo Paediatric Centre provided high-quality, free of charge healthcare to more than 14,500 children in 12 months in one of the most disadvantaged parts of Sudan. 

Objectifs du projet

Provide free Paediatric Care in a camp inhabited by over 300,000 refugees and IDP

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