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Mature Forests protection


Mature forests represent the most valuable terrestrial ecosystem, but are in danger of extinction.

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Associació Sèlvans


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Forests regulate the climate and water regime, provide us with quality air, are the habitat of countless species of animals and plants.

Mature forests are a unique and very scarce natural heritage that is in danger of extinction. At the level of biodiversity, and in the Iberian area, a considerable percentage of the species with the highest risk of extinction need the conservation of mature forests, as they depend on the various structures that make them up: large and old trees, their cavities, dead wood standing or on the ground and in the process of decomposition, mosses, lichens, etc.

The Associació Sèlvans works to conserve the most unique forest heritage and the highest natural value in Catalonia and to achieve this, it applies mechanisms of co-responsibility and involvement of society, especially in the custody of the territory, so it reaches agreements with the properties to prevent the felling of trees and ensure their conservation.


  • Selection and diagnosis of a series of forests of high ecological value that still exist within the Transversal Range, and that need to be protected.
  • Contact the respective forest properties and technical visit to jointly explore the best option to preserve this heritage, for the benefit of the property itself, nature, and society.
  • Channeling of the economic resources necessary for the satisfaction of payments for environmental services to the respective forest properties, in the form of “purchase of logging rights”.
  • Monitoring of forest management throughout the term of the agreement.
  • Tissue of synergies with forest property, the respective local bodies (city councils), the provincial councils, and the Generalitat de Catalunya, to encompass the project in a broader context, of advancement in the territory of an existing normative and strategic mandate but little deployed.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your collaboration, two centuries-old forests will be protected that contain unique and monumental trees, but which are at imminent risk of being cut down: a mature beech forest of 21 hectares and an holm oak grove with oaks of 17 hectares.

Objectifs du projet

Ensure the preservation of the most mature forests in Catalonia, specifically those located in the Serralada Transversal.

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