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Reduce child malnutrition in Sopachuy

Sopachuy - Bolivie

Bolivia’s HDI value is the second lowest in South America and the region of Sopachuy has the lowest HDI value. Children in this region are in a detrimental position. According to AeA data 24% of them are suffering from chronic malnutrition and 37% of the population does not have access to safe drinking water.

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    • Nicequest Clients 10.014€
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    Les personnes qui ont été naturellement bénéficiées par les actions développées dans le projet.

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    Les personnes identifiables, qui reçoivent l’effet potentiel des actions menées dans le projet.

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This project is developed in 3 main areas: energizing the rural economy and food security, access to high-quality schools and health social management.
This project will focus on children and adolescents, attempting to seek the impact of the family and school environment. As well as focusing on improving food security and adopt good hygiene practices.
This project will also involve local and regional initiatives that promotes food security and avoid malnutrition.


  • Improving school and home vegetable gardens with access to irrigation to increase production and obtain higher availability of vegetables and legumes.
  • Conducting an alliance with the local health system to disseminate and promote good feeding practices and household hygiene.
  • Giving comprehensive training, using the school environment as a strategy to develop the health of children.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

- 67 Children and adolescents (1 educational unit)
- 42 men and women
- 10 teachers
- 1 Community Social Education Council (CESC).
- 1 Local health agent
- 1 Local Health Committee.

Objectifs du projet

Reduce malnutrition

Increase the availability of diversified foods by improving school and home vegetable gardens.

Promote healthy eating habits in all families and improve household food diets that stress food and nutrition education.

Increase farmer’s income and improve access to irrigated water.


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