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Barcelona - Espagne

The population with lack of food resources is increasing, a situation that has been aggravated by the economic crisis.

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Nutrición sin Fronteras


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The city of Barcelona, as well as many other cities in the world, presents a growing problem associated with the serious economic crisis that increases unemployment, social exclusion and lack of resources in general. This situation leads to an increasing number of people demanding food resources.

In parallel, Barcelona is a city open to tourism with a large number of hotels. Nutrición Sin Fronteras, aware of this situation and with the experience in nutritional issues and food safety provided by the team of professionals who collaborate, has designed a project that takes advantage of food resources and works within a network to contribute to reduce the situation of poverty in the city of Barcelona: "BCN Comparteix el Menjar".

"Bcn Comparteix el Menjar" is a project for the exploitation of food resources and networking that contributes to reduce poverty. It is carried out through a process of using cooked food surplus of hotels in the city, with the aim of providing food to social dining rooms. With this project, the NGO Nutrición Sin Fronteras (NSF) will provide food to the soup kitchens, by transporting them from the hotel or collaborating entity of a Barcelona neighborhood to a nearby soup kitchen.

Through the control and training of food handlers in the soup kitchens, NSF ensures optimal hygiene and food safety conditions throughout the process. Thanks to the entire work circuit, we can take advantage of the food cooked in hotels in the city and be able to offer a balanced meal to the users of the social dining room.


  • Collection of cooked food surplus from hotels in the city of Barcelona.
  • Transportation of the food from the hotel or collaborating entity to a nearby soup kitchen.
  • Training of food handlers in soup kitchens.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your help, 50 users of the soup kitchen will receive a balanced and nutritious daily meal for a month.

Objectifs du projet

Reduce food waste and protect the universal right to food of citizens living in poverty.

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