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Summer camps for children living in poverty


"Summer activities are often the first things that many of these families have in a vulnerable situation."

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    • Ticketmaster Clients 5.758€
  • Bénéficiaires directs 10

    Les personnes qui ont été naturellement bénéficiées par les actions développées dans le projet.

  • Bénéficiaires indirects 30

    Les personnes identifiables, qui reçoivent l’effet potentiel des actions menées dans le projet.

Save the Children


  • Matériaux 1.758€
  • Personnel 4.000€
  • Total 5.758€


To offer summer camps for children at risk of poverty or social exclusion, whose families can not afford these activities or have no one to leave them with while they work. These urban colonies offer them the possibility of going to safe spaces dedicated to leisure, cultural activities, excursions and also they will be provided with at least one complete meal a day.
Through these camps, Save the Children favors the social inclusion of these children, preventing them from feeling discriminated against other children.


To support young children living in poverty by improving their early learning

To ensure a daily complete meal

To perform psychoeducational actions in leisure spaces.

To protect children and enforce attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, feel and show empathy, establish and maintain positive social relationships and make decisions in a responsible manner.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

10 children between 3 and 17 years old who are at risk of poverty or exclusion from Barcelona, Cádiz, Lleida, Madrid, Melilla, Seville, Valencia and Toledo, will enjoy summer camps during the months of July or August .

Objectifs du projet

To breake the cycle of poverty

Guarantee children's rights

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