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Support for pregnant teenagers and mothers with babies at risk of exclusion

Madrid - Espagne

95% of cases of young and pregnant adolescents at risk and psycho-social problems in Spain are neglected for lack of resources.

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Fundación Madrina


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Fundación Madrina arises in order to solve the serious collateral problems faced by young and pregnant adolescents in situations of socio-economic vulnerability, such as social exclusion, marginalization or neglect.

This project provides a comprehensive service to mothers and babies, called Maternal and Child Bank (MCB). It is a pro-childhood and pro-motherhood initiative, which covers annually more than 3.000 mothers and babies, housing more than 45 tons of food.

The main function of the MCB is to provide basic products (food, hygiene, health and childcare products) to babies under 3 years old and their mothers in difficulty, in order to avoid situations of marginality and helplessness.

The activity of the Foundation will be held in the Community of Madrid.


  • Delivery of food products (milk and / or cereals).
  • Delivery of hygiene products for babies (diapers, wipes, gel, cologne, moisturizers, etc.).
  • Provision of baby equipment (cot, buggies, car seats, baths, parks, etc ..)
  • Acquisition of pharmacy products linked to childhood, motherhood and breastfeeding.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With € 2.000, basic material and basic attention will be provided to 915 babies and 740 mothers in situations of social vulnerability.

Objectifs du projet

To improve maternal and child health and quality of care for this group of users, reducing the risk of abuse and social inequality, infectious diseases and malnutrition.

To improve maternal and child bond.

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