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Therapeutic reception of animals

Mataró - Espagne

The shelters are an indispensable tool for animals that for various reasons cannot be accommodated in our centres.

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The Foundation for the Defence of Animals and Nature (DAINA) was created by the Protective Society of Animals of Mataró (spAm) in order to welcome, protect and promote the adoption of abandoned animals.

One of the projects that are carried out to avoid the suffering of animals, is to provide houses of therapeutic reception, which offer a home to animals that cannot be housed in spAm centres due to their delicate state of health or a need for socialization outside the shelter.

The animals of the shelters usually suffer from extreme malnutrition, they have been surgically intervened, they suffer from diseases that require daily medication, they show a picture of stress or they suffer with more intensity from the abrupt changes of temperature.

The time of reception varies depending on the case, it can be one month or one year. It is necessary to cover the expenses generated by this situation like food, veterinary and ethological services, etc.


To cover the specific nutritional needs of these animals with medicated feed, regular veterinary attention (treatment and tests), as well as specific ethological service.

Qui en bénéficiera ?

With your help, 2-3 animals will have their food, veterinary care and ethological service covered for a period of 1-2 months.

Objectifs du projet

Ensure the correct feeding, veterinary attention and ethological service of the animals in the shelters.

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