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Against child malnutrition in Spain


In Spain 2.6 million children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, which means that 1 in 3 children suffer this unfair situation.

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Since the beginning of the crisis, the risk of poverty and social exclusion of children in Spain has increased to 33.4%. Minors who grow up in a poverty-stricken environment or in situations of social exclusion find it more difficult to develop their full capacities in school and to enjoy good health. The increase in the number of households suffering from severe material deprivation leads to the emergence of problems of child malnutrition.

To improve this situation, Educo, since 2013, carries out the program "Lunchroom Scholarships Educo" which aims to guarantee, at least, a complete and healthy meal a day to children of Primary and Secondary Education in Spain in situation of Risk of poverty and exclusion.

So far, more than 1.800.000 meals have been delivered to children from all over Spain, thanks to the joint work with 227 schools and 79 children's entertainment entities.


  • The management of the collaborating schools and the social services of each municipality value the situation of the families and determine the priorities of each center.
  • Signing of a letter of acceptance of the scholarship between the school and the family in which it undertakes a series of commitments, among which is the resignation of the scholarship in the event that its economic situation improves.
  • To guarantee a feeding scholarship to children from vulnerable families, in many cases it is the only food that is guaranteed up to date.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

10 children will receive a daily meal in their school during one year,  distributing 1.500 meals totally.

Obiettivi del progetto

Guarantee the right of children from families at risk of poverty and social exclusion to go to their school dining room and eat with their classmates a complete and balanced meal every day.


Educo è pienamente conforme ai 9 principi di trasparenza e buone pratiche analizzati dalla Lealtad Foundation

Fundacion Lealtad

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