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Art and youth labor insertion


According to the INE, in Spain more than 40% of people under 25 are unemployed.

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Fundación VOCES


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Culture is a tool of social cohesion that stimulates citizen participation. It generates opportunities for economic development and for poverty reduction. It creates jobs and promotes economic growth. Each inhabitant has the right not only to access the culture, but also to participate in its production.

The VOCES Foundation takes culture as a basis for social change and is committed to improving the socio-personal and professional positioning of young people at risk, through creative tools and artistic expression. For this reason, it organizes the recording of a short film with the participation of young people in a situation of social risk in Cañada Real (Madrid).

A formative program is carried out and it covers all the approach that involves a short film: the technical aspects (props and decoration, costumes, makeup, production, sound ...), as well the artistic aspects (performance, work, music ...) Throughout the process it is enhanced the work of socio-professional orientation, coexistence and social inclusion between groups .


  • Film workshops given by the VOCES Foundation.
  • Recording of short films.
  • Screening of short films and other films with social and family content, accompanied by colloquia, videoforums and dialogue spaces.
  • Incorporation of young people in unemployment situation to the production team of the festival.

Chi ne trarrà beneficio?

100 young people in a situation of social risk in the Community of Madrid will be able to participate in the recording of a short film, thus favoring their socio-personal and professional development.

Obiettivi del progetto

Offer social and professional training to young people at risk of excusing, through creative tools and artistic expression.

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